February 9, 2018

Take the time to be the example for your children.  Your clothes, your attitude and your what you eat. They are watching you even from an early age.  I know we try our best, but eating habits, attitudes, language, anger, sarcasm and love are en-grained and are hard to undo. 

I have found that being open with my teenage children about my mistakes as helped them realize my errors in raising them.  Asking forgiveness may help them in the future when raising their own children.

Helping them through their drug addictions, eating disorders, depression and anxiety has really opened my eyes the my disbelief of these in my life; Drug and alcohol addiction, sexual misconduct, immorality and abortion.  Asking forgiveness not only within myself but  to and from others has not been an easy process..... but more on that next time

Much love


Roman 12:1-2  Beloved friends, what should be our proper response to God’s marvelous mercies? I encourage you to surrender yourselves to...

You may be 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer if you have poor oral health or gum disease.

The Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is essentially your body’s “sewage processing plant”, which is responsible for removing waste, toxins, and other unwanted material out of your cells and tissues so they can be flushed out of your body. When your lymph stops flowing freely, it’s like having your garbage company go on strike. The garbage in your home begins to pile up—and the longer the strike, the higher the piles. If the strike goes on long enough, your home will become toxic and you’ll become sick. This is what happens with sluggish lymph: waste accumulates in your cells and tissues.

Unlike your blood, which has a beating heart to push it along, your lymph requires actual movement from you in order to keep it flowing. So, if you don’t move much, your lymph doesn’t move much either… and cellular “garbage” begins to pile up.

The lymphatic system is one of the most overlooked systems in the body, despite the fact that it plays a central role in your overall health. Keeping your lym...

January 22, 2017

Drink plenty of water

The lymphatic system depends on a constant supply of fluid, so it’s very important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep it functioning at its best. Purified or filtered water is the best choice.
Choose healthy foods

Preservatives, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, excess sugar, chemicals and processed foods all put strain on the lymphatic system. Choose foods that are organic, whole and natural as much as possible.
Eat your fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables supply the lymphatic system with important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The chlorophyll in green vegetables is especially beneficial to the lymphatic system.

Get your essential fatty acids

Healthy fats are necessary for the proper function of the lymphatic system. Good sources of essential fatty acids include fish or fish oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds and avocados.

Stay active

When your muscles move, they essentially massage the lymphatic system and promote...

January 17, 2017

The roots of Thermography, or heat differentiation, are ancient, dating back to the time of the pyramids. ​​papyrus from 1700 BC documents the association of temperature with disease.

By 400 BC, physicians commonly employed a primitive form of Thermography: they applied a thin coat of mud to a patient’s body, observed the patterns made by the different rates of mud drying, and attributed those patterns to hot and cold temperatures on the surface of the body. Hippocrates summed it up: “In whatever part of the body excess of heat or cold is felt, the disease is there to be discovered.”

The first attempt to measure heat came in the second century AD with the development of a bulb “thermoscope” by Hero of Alexandria. In the late 1500s, Galileo invigorated the science of measuring temperature by converting Hero’s thermoscope into a crude thermometer. Others followed over the centuries, developing more sophisticated devices and introducing improvements which have become standard today — for ex...

September 21, 2016

Why Thermography?

“You don’t just wake up in the morning with a health challenge. It’s a process that takes years.” - Dr. Carol Chandler. 

Being able to see the very first beginnings of a possible disease process before it becomes a medical problem is essential to living a long and healthy life.

Thermography is an important imaging tool of prevention. Thermography helps guide us to the areas in your body that are asking for help; often times long before traditional tests or other imaging techniques can detect a possible problem. 

Please visit our website at for more information. 

The video is presented by Dr Carol Chandler DOM discussing her research on this issue.


July 5, 2016

I truly feel blessed to be part of this ground breaking training.  The depth of study and discussion of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition has far surpassed my expectations.  My new understanding of digestion, has changed my life.  I look forward to engage and educate others to transform into their true self.

Life is about spiritually, health, family and community, for me that is through God’s guidance.  I was pleased with the theological challenges I faced and allowed me to dig deeper into the Word.  I felt Marc’s teachings on spirituality were applicable to all beliefs respectfully. 

 My personal application of this training has inspired me to enhance my catering company.   I can teach and apply mind body nutrition techniques to food preparation, create clean eating classes, emotional studies, spirituality studies, alternative health and use of essential oils.  I have created a career that captures all of these aspects. 

Farmers Dau...

June 6, 2016

Table Coaching is a fun play on words that will get you back to your table eating with your family  and friends. It is a time to learn about good food, made with clean ingredients, —because we all deserve to eat better, live better, and be healthy.


 • Know where your food comes from and what’s in it.        

 • Learn to cook with whole, natural ingredients.

 • Limit processed food.

 • Lose the fear of food.

 • Never compromise on the time well spent with your family.




I do use Epicure Selections as one of my sources of inspiration, among many.  It is the best source of a Canadian owned and operated company that has Non GMO, Gluten Free, Organic and Kosher foods.



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