Seqex is a revolutionary health & wellness technology in the form of a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device that produces Ion Cyclotron Resonance phenomena. These phenomena promote the reduction of inflammation; induces a muscle relaxant effect and contribute to improving microcirculation.

The Seqex is unique as it has the ability to produce up to thirty waveforms and can use up to 2.4 million frequency combinations. This ICR phenomenon allows the cells to become more permeable allowing toxins to be released and nutrients to be absorbed. It is the only ICR full body applicator in the world.

Seqex devices support the work of healthcare professionals during traditional courses of patient therapy and are used as part of an integrative approach in conjunction with modern-day medicine. There are three models currently available with nine sequences on each program. There is the option to customize a program specifically for a Client depending on the model of Seqex. The Seqex HC, FAM and MED have all been licensed by Health Canada as Class 2 medical devices (Licenses: 99892, 99893, 99894, 7622).

Restore Balance to your Health

Magnetic and electric therapies are used worldwide for therapeutic healing. Such therapies have an observable action on all biological processes and positive clinical results have been experienced over many decades of clinical use.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy addresses the impaired function of the cells, which ultimately improves health. PEMF’s deliver beneficial frequencies into cells slowing the aging process and reducing the risk of cell dysfunction. ION Cyclotron Resonance makes the cell wall permeable to aid in the absorption of nutrients and cell detoxification.

PEMF is used for treating: acute and chronic pain, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis as well as accelerating the healing time of injuries, increasing energy, supporting the correction of sleep disorders, combining fatigue, and it is an excellent anti-aging strategy.

Benefits of PEMF

Reduction in pain and inflammation, enhanced cellular response, increased circulation, increased tissue oxygenation, improved sleep quality, detoxification, regeneration of bone and soft tissue, muscle relaxation and more.