My time with Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition

I truly feel blessed to be part of this ground breaking training. The depth of study and discussion of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition has far surpassed my expectations. My new understanding of digestion, has changed my life. I look forward to engage and educate others to transform into their true self.

Life is about spiritually, health, family and community, for me that is through God’s guidance. I was pleased with the theological challenges I faced and allowed me to dig deeper into the Word. I felt Marc’s teachings on spirituality were applicable to all beliefs respectfully.

My personal application of this training has inspired me to enhance my catering company. I can teach and apply mind body nutrition techniques to food preparation, create clean eating classes, emotional studies, spirituality studies, alternative health and use of essential oils. I have created a career that captures all of these aspects.

Farmers Daughter – Mind Body Nutrition and Table Coach.

Through my studies with the Eating Psychology Coach program, the Bible, clean food and back to the table philosophy, I see how essential nourishment of your mind, body and soul play a vital role in health, happiness and well-being; more importantly how balanced these aspects needs to be for you and you’re family.

My future endeavors include working with local non for profits for women and teens encompassing aspects with Eat Local Food Box meal planning, Clean Eating, and the importance of getting Back to the Table. Getting back to the table is a simple solution where families can talk, listen and learn; discovering unconditional love, support and understanding.

May God bless, Marc and Emily and your staff as you continue to bless others.

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