Music in my HEAD reveals doors!

The first change I noticed with this detox....

I wake up with music in my head from Holy Spirit

It can be gospel, hymns or pop - I love it! Has this ever happened to you?

This morning it was Sam Roberts, Brother Down.

Didn't think anything of it till I read the lyrics and wow insightful!


One life to live but we're doing it wrong

You see, got my brother down cause it's nothing to me

Everyone saying that it's wrong to cheat

But there's no other way to get my life on easy street

Someone else telling you what you're living for

Been knocking you down, now you're looking for more

The only sound you hear is a closing door

Been looking for peace but they're bringing you war

Rich man cryin' cause his money's time

And poor man's smilin' cause he knows he ain't blind

There's a man over there says he's tougher than me

But I got eyes that can see through fantasy

I think my life is passing me by

I think my life is passing me by

Take it all back 'cause it don't mean nothing

If you give it away and you're looking for something back

Wake up every morning when there's nothing there

No reason to die but no reason to care …


Now first let me say, I don't think my life is passing me by!

BUT if I don't focus - minutes hours and days pass before I am finished my to-do list. Disappointment, failure, doubt creeps in! I may miss appointments. More-so I may miss opportunities. Opportunities of time with you or family or better for myself.

"Only sound you hear is a closing door"

I need to recognize the open and closing of doors in my life. This, I believe allows for growth. I've had this feeling before in the past. It's like hitting your head against a wall, or no matter how hard you try to get ahead, you end up 3 steps back.

What did I learn to do? Listen, reflect and pause.

Oh boy, when a door opens for you especially unexpectedly WOW what a feeling! I need to just clear up the clutter in my mind, my day, life (on my computer, in my phone and in my house) that don't serve my (God's) purpose - goals - dreams for 2020

Do you ever have this feeling? Has a door ever closed on you?



"And poor man's smilin' cause he knows he ain't blind"

This is important - recognizing value in your life - jobs, careers, associations, emotions, people, thoughts, and goals. YES, what do you value? What are your goals? Are they attainable? Are you associated with people for false reasons or do they match YOU - what your about or want to be? Above all else, does this, they or that fit into the bigger picture for today, this month, this year and 5 years? Have you included your partner, spouse, family, business in this? Or are you refocusing on yourself after years of others!

I have really been focusing on this detail as I have turned 50. Building and defining who Dana is and who Dana wants to be!

Two areas for me for now

Setting goals - having vision that is healthy without feeling selfish

Clearing clutter - too much is stressful and a burden, it weighs heavy on me, you!

My mentor and friend Dawn and her partner David have created this Vision Board workshop, enjoy! I sure did

I honestly could go on forever the more I think about this song. I feel that is for another day. I would love your feedback.

Thank you for joining me today.

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